We hope you love tinkering as much as us!

That’s why we’ve created some sample projects for you to play with and fork. Check them out on GitHub.

Love coding in Python? Or maybe you have a Large program and need to find a way to filter out Profanity? Say no more, Profanity Blocker has you covered! With our BRAND NEW Python 3 integration making a request to our API is as simple as three lines of code!

To Install the Python intergration it is as simple as running the command

pip3 install Profanity Blocker

For more information feel free to look at the Github Repository below!
Python Package implementation for Profanity Blocker

We have created a sample application for you to see how to implement our package! 

A sample program for Profanity Blockers Python3 integration

In this application, we create a simple server/client chat program that sends a request to the Profanity Blocker service to detect and filter out any profane words a user types.

Check it out on

Maybe you’ve made a graphical program in Visual Basic .NET? And you need a library to help you filter out Profane words. Profanity Blocker has you covered! 

We have created a Visual Basic project that can be compiled into a DLL for you to load and call our filtering software in your program. 
Visual Basic Implementation 

To go alongside our Implementation code, we have created an example Console Project showing you how to load and call functions from the .DLL

Visual Basic Sample

Writing your own Forum software and you want your users to have an option of having profanity filtered out automatically for them? Then we have the perfect thing for you!

We have created a PHP package for Profanity Blocker, allowing you to easily implement our API into your software!

Profanity Blocker PHP Intergration

Downloading our PHP intergration is as simple as running the command

composer require Profanity Blocker/Profanity Blocker

Composer will then download Profanity Blocker and add it into an autoload script for you to use!

For an example on how to use the PHP integration we created a sample program below that lets users enter text in a form to be sent off to our API!

A sample script for the Profanity Blocker PHP integration